Orlando, FL Women In Crypto Meet For Annual Blockchain Event

Updated: May 21, 2018

“Women, consider crypto,” Alexia Bonatsos, a venture capitalist wrote on Twitter. “Otherwise the men are going to get all of the wealth again.”

Women gather from all over Orlando, FL to discuss how Blockchain will shape the future of the city.

Some may find offense to the above-mentioned tweet and others may opt to dig into the possibilities of a statement that could translate to sexism… or it could translate to hope and inspiration that women may actually have a shot at not getting left behind in this modern-day digital “gold rush” that Blockchain and Cryptocurrency offer. Many sulk over missing the initial Bitcoin opportunity that evolved over a period from 2009 (at just $.03 USD per coin) to now over $8060.00 USD per coin on May 17, 2018. However, Crypto Cooperative absolutely believes that we are still in the early pioneer Wild-Wild-West stages. This means that women and so-called ‘minorities’ have the empowerment to determine if everyone is to be involved in this movement or not. Everything done within this window will shape currency and technology, as we know it for tomorrow.

So on April 2, 2018, Crypto Cooperative, located in Orlando Florida, held the first Blockchain and Champagne event. This was something special for the ladies in hopes of providing a comforting, warm, safe and friendly environment to inspire our entire future generations into this space. Hosted by Crypto Kia and concluded with an F.A.Q. by Adam Graney, It proved to be an excellent night filled with champagne cocktails, a bartender, DJ, good food and more importantly, resourceful information provide by a handful of innovative women in Blockchain and Tech.

Avani Desai, President of Schellman and Company intrigued the room with her own use-case that she provided through the use of Blockchain technology in the form of her app, MyCryptoAlert. The solution that she provides notifies the user when the crypto of their choice is at a certain price. It aims to prevent a decrease in productivity when a cryptocurrency is un-expectantly crashing down while the user is busy and/or at work and doesn’t necessarily have the time to keep their eyes glued to the market all day. Avani was very successful in getting the audience to realize how blockchain can be used to solve real-life issues at the click of a button while keeping all of the information decentralized for everyone’s usage.

Michele Winslow, founder of CreativeMovement.io, and Imagination Dream Station was another one of our amazing inspirational speakers and she had everyone fired-up.

“Right now, we stand on the precipice of a brave new world, world of decentralized currency, allowing the people to take control of our own destinies through a blockchain of our own data. Arguably, the powerful asset of the digital age is data. Everywhere you go and everything you do online is recorded, creating a virtual you that you don’t own, bought and sold by companies like Google and Facebook. Despite the technical terms and a steep learning curve involved, cryptocurrency groups are springing up all over the world. As a woman of crypto myself, educating other women on blockchain and the future ahead, fuels my desire to become a go-to source of knowledge and inspiration. The future begins right now.

Already companies like eBay, Microsoft Expedia, McDonalds and Subway are starting to accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The Swiss government is accepting Bitcoin for tax payments. Estonia is building a digital society some are calling ‘Blockhain Nation’. So there you have it, Blockchain technology is setting up to profoundly change the way we organize our lives. How far could we go with innovation and a little risk? Time will tell and I’m in for the ride.”

COO and CEO (Diane Court and Jim Thomas) of Orlando Tech Association talked about local tech initiatives that are going on in Orlando. Diane emphasized the growing number of women in the tech space and expressed that this number will keep growing with the right support. Jim spoke about bleeding edge technology that is changing many different industries and that the current landscape is perfect for innovative entrepreneurs.

Orlando is ripe for these types of conversations. As 2018 rages on, more and more people are showing a genuine interest in blockchain technology, a refreshing contrast to the overwhelming interest of getting rich quick with crypto currency trading in 2017.

Despite the efforts of the mainstream media to discourage as many

people as possible from blockchain and cryptocurrency, the critical thinker’s mind knows that something far greater than inaccurate rhetoric is brewing.

That same thinker would rather be involved in this once-in-a-lifetime financial and technology revolution than watch it from afar. This is still the Wild Wild West and the people who educate themselves and join us on this journey will be the same people who will help shape the future in the generations to come. So what can you do? Don't be afraid nor intimidated. Remember that everyone is still in the learning phase, so there is no other perfect opportunity to educate yourself other than now. Watch a minimum of one YouTube video and read a minimum of one article that covers Blockchain. Be involved so that you can raise awareness. If you are in the Orlando area, be sure to join the

Meetup page to stay connected on our upcoming events. If you are outside of the Orlando area no problem. Search the Meetups in your local area, as they are sprouting everywhere. Welcome to the Future.

"Those who get involved now while there is no ceiling will shape the future of tomorrow." ~ Crypto Kia


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