Join us for Crypto Ladies Night in Orlando!

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

Welcome to Ladies Night on the Blockchain, April 3, 2018 and learn what women need to know to take control of the crypto space!

Champagne, wine and food free for the ladies. Speakers: Crypto Kia, former U.K. banker, Sendra Dorcé and other women in crypto tech. Join us for a discussion on Crypto 101, how blockchain is disrupting industries, which women are playing a role in this crypto space and a follow-up to answer as many newcomer questions as possible as we wrap up the evening. This is your warm atmosphere to speak your mind with other women in the Crypto space and learn from one another. Lets meet new people and discuss ideas with wine, beer and food.

Remember gentlemen, you can only attend if you are accompanied by a woman, so don’t be naughty because we will check at the door ;-)


See you there!