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What Is it About?

Web3 is all of the below!

  • Crypto 

  • Development

  • Education

  • Art

  • NFTs

  • Web3

  • Portfolio

  • Blockchain

  • Connection

  • Metaverse


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Crypto, DeFi, NFTs, Art, Development, Collectors, Investors, Metaverse, Blockchain, Gaming and so much more. We believe that Web3 is the future and its closer than it seems. Web3 is decentralized ecosystem that is built using blockchain technology.


Web3 businesses are not owned by big monopolies or big gatekeepers but rather by users who earn their place by helping developing these said businesses, will it be platforms, apps or anything else.


Our mission is to educate Central Florida folk on the topic, network and to build better and brighter decentralized future together.







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